Spatiotemporal aspects of interannual changes precipitation in the Crimea

Journal of Arid Environments 183 (2020) 104280

Spatiotemporal aspects of interannual changes precipitation in the Crimea
Roman Gorbunov a, Tatiana Gorbunova a,*, Nina Kononova b, Anastasia Priymak a, Anton Salnikov a, Anna Drygval a, Yaroslav Lebedev a

a The A.O. Kovalevsky Institute of Marine Biological Research of RAS, Sevastopol, Russian Federation b Institute of Geography of RAS, Russian Federation  

A R T I C L E I N F O                                                                                A B S T R A C T 

Keywords: Areal precipitation Circulation types Climate change GIS Modelling Precipitation The СrimeaRegional climate change affects natural processes, including the amount of precipitation and the spatiotemporal differentiation of areal precipitation. The study of such changes is especially important for the Crimea due to the aridity and the lack of water resources therein. In this study, we carried out regression modelling of the areal precipitation in the Crimea using data from 24 weather stations. The maps of precipitation in the Crimea within set epochs and periods were calculated based on the classification of atmospheric circulation processes in the Northern Hemisphere. The trends in the spatiotemporal dynamics of atmosphere areal precipitation due to the change in dominant circulation groups were shown. In general, the territory of the Crimea was characterised to have increasing precipitation during the period of instrumental measurements.  

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